Photospin: Really the “Best Prices on the Planet?”

photospin-logoStock photography has firmly implanted itself as a vital tool of incomparable value in the minds of marketers and creative professionals. Before stock photography was even available, the best option – often the only option – was to set up a photo shoot yourself. It took time and some serious brainstorming why you figured out how best to convey abstract concepts in an image. Once you have a vision in your mind, you can set expectations of what you want to get out of a very expensive photo shoot. It took time out of your workweek and money out of your pocket to pay a photographer and models. At the end of the day, a particular time came where all you could do was hope for the best.


Today’s technology enables stock photography to be at your fingertips. Any given stock photo service has millions of images for you to choose from at a whim. That should make them cheap, right? Not necessarily – these image services often pay commissions to the artists. Someone has to get paid to take the photo, otherwise the services and even exist. Many of them are expensive. Be especially cautious of anyone who endorses any stock photography service as they may be receiving a commission on referrals – this makes it a biased endorsement.

Photospin is attempting to change this price expectation. Their images are offered as low as two dollars. If you really wanted to get the best value, their subscriptions plans offer images starting as low as $0.06. With other services that charges much is $10 per image, you really can’t get any more affordable than paying just over a nickel per image. There is a catch. In order to get that price, you have to maximize the number of images you download per month on their standard image size plan over the course of an entire year. You’re offered 1000 images per month, so that comes out to 12,000 images. If you only download half of that, each image would cost $0.12, and you’d be better off with a different plan.


If you only needed a few images, two dollars per image is a steal. Instead of paying $50 for 500 images per month, you can get away with paying $10 for five images instead of just one. Explore Photospin (check Photospin review here) and decide for yourself if they really have the best prices on the planet.

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